Medellin Graffiti Tour

Join us on the original Graffiti Tour of Comuna 13, the barrio once described as the most dangerous place on earth.

Comuna 13

You can't visit Comuna 13 without knowing the history of the area from people who live there. This is not an ordinary sightseeing tour. Niether is it an art class about graffiti. This is a tour about the transformation of a community and the role that urban regeneration, street art & hip-hop play in Colombia's peace process.

Medellin's Transformation

See how Comuna 13 has become an international example of how innovative urban regeneration projects can transform cities and the lives of those who live in them.

Electric Escalators

Ride the outdoor electric escalators to experience first hand how they improve the lives of the residents living on the steep hills of Comuna 13.

Graffiti & Street Art

See how Comuna 13 has become a colorful storyboard, one that promotes themes of hope and peace. Every work of art has an important story to tell.

Street Food

You'll be given a friendly welcome by the community of Comuna 13 and you won't be able to resist trying some local flavors along the way.

Urban Artists Guides

[EXCLUSIVE] On the Medellin Graffiti Tour you will guided by locals from foundation Casa Kolacho, responsible for 90% of the street art in Comuna 13.

Sustainable Tourism

Take home with more than just amazing photos. When you attend any Toucan Cafe tour you help make a postive impact on the local communities we visit. Part proceeds of the tour support the Casa Kolacho foundation, with over US$25,000 raised so far, supporting the education of local youth in Comuna 13. Additional purchases of food, drinks and souvenirs along the way also support local families who benefit from tourism to the area.

Not Just a Tour - an "Experience"

This was my 5th visit to Medellín and for each trip I try to find something unique to do that I haven't experienced yet. I came across the graffiti tour of comuna 13 and I think this is one of my favorite tours I have done. Enjoyed trying local foods of the area and the "cremas" were my favorite! This tour is a must if you want an authentic local experience in Medellin!

“Anyone who vistis Medellin should go on the Comuna 13 Tour” Its an important story that everyone who comes to the city should learn about. Ciro and Ana were our tour guides and did an awesome job. They knew everyone we ran into which made all of us feel welcome and part of the community.
“The graffiti tour is brilliant” Absolutely worth the money. Yes, you could go to communa 13 on your own, but you won't understand the background and meanings of the graffiti. We had an english speaking guide and a local colombian guide from communa 13 who grew up during the guerilla time. Breathtaking graffitis and great tour.
"AMAZING" The graffiti tour was absolutely amazing. I absolutely loved every second of it. Comuna 13 is beautiful and I highly recommend going there with these guys cause the stories and the history of the neighborhood is something you definitely need to listen from people who lived there. It was beautiful and very moving.
I would like everyone to come to this tour. First of all it's a really beautiful place with a lot to see, but second - your visit helps to make the change in those neighborhoods.
We could not stop talking about the graffiti tour and I think it was the best thing we did in Medellin. The art and history behind comuna 13 will give you a different aspect to Medellin that you would never get if you just stay around all the touristy destinations/tours. Definitely worth it!!!!
“Awesome Graffiti Tour!” it's so much more than about the art, we learned so much about the history and people of the community, from our local guide, Jeihhco. It was really an eye opening experience.